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A major goal of the innovation strategy is the dissemination of knowledge and experiences. The transfer strategy systematically promotes the exchange of experience and wants to make lessons learned for start-ups (start-up initiative), companies (patent validation, consulting and innovation voucher) and for the people (communication) available.

R,DI must be dedicated to sustainable solutions to societal challenges: climate protection/acclimation; resource-efficiency/raw materials; safe/healthy food; safe, clean, efficient energy; smart/ecofriendly mobility; health/well-being; safety; participation and social cohesion in course of societal and structural change.

The regional innovation strategy highlights the importance of cross-sectional key enabling technologies including photonics for all application areas and in addition, space technologies are recognised as an important area of activity for NRW's industrial sector of mechanical and plant engineering. The policy instrument underestimates the potential of photonics in space technologies for the development of products to address societal challenges.

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OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME ERDF-ESF BRITTANY 2014-2020 - Axis 2: Developing Brittany's economic performance through support for research, innovation and enterprises.

The overall objective of Priority Axis 2 “Improve Brittany's economic performance through the support of research, innovation and enterprises” is to strengthen the competitiveness and the economic performance of Brittany.

Targeted actions clearly identify the governance of the RIS3 (Action 2.2.4) as a key element to:

- improve technology transfer between research centres and companies (Action 2.2.1), the support to emerging of both innovative industrial projects (2.2.2) and collaborative industrial projects (2.2.3);

- Reinforce the competitiveness of Breton RD in the European Research Area (ERA);

- Improve the innovation capacity of Breton SMEs;

- Increase the production potential of Breton SMEs.

However, the selected policy instrument does not currently focus on the specific funding of photonics. This is unfortunate, given that a significant number of local players have interest to develop their activities in this domain. Indeed, there is much research and innovation potential to build on.Furthermore, the potential of photonics in space technologies for the development of products to address societal challenges should also be addressed by the policy. There is currently limited focus in the policy instrument on how to support a link up between KETs and, for example, environmental or health problems.

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The policy instrument is the England OP 2014-20 / Priority Axis 1: Promoting Research and Innovation (North East). WithinPriority 1b several measures are relevant to STEPHANIE.

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